A rainy day in Montpellier

Sunday 24-Sep-2006 was mostly spent in the hotel, which was apparently designed by an ex-Soviet architect (yes, it’s that visually thrilling). It’s definitely prison-like. Breakfast seems to be included with the room, which is nice. The eggs are very easily scrambled (we prefer our scrambled eggs cooked hard, or well-cooked) and the sausages were pink inside. That could be because it was using a pinker variety of pork meat than we have in the US, or it could be because it was undercooked for my taste. I decided to skip that and had some Apple yogurt and grapes. I did finish my eggs, but they were too runny for Deb.

After we got dressed we had hoped to walk around the town, which is supposed to be nice but there is no evidence that we are anywhere near anything nice based on the immediate vicinity of the hotel. We are allegedly near the old town, but since we can see no restaurants, no stores, no nothing nearby, except for a lame looking shopping mall (which is not open on Sundays, ruling that out as an option) we were (ok, I was) not optimistic about leaving the hotel.

We had to go downstairs to let the maid service our room. We had hoped to go exploring the old town, but we were disappointed to find that it was absolutely pouring down rain outside. So we sat in the lobby and ate Trader Joe’s trail mix. What a great lunch! Then back to the room for more work.

For dinner we went out to a creperie (the rain had finally stopped but it was really windy). We walked around the Place de la Comédie, and found it to be everything the hotel’s vicinity was not…vibrant, lots of shops, restaurants, people walking about. In short, it was nice. And the creperie had a good deal on fixed-price menus. After dinner we headed back to the hotel, hoping for better weather tomorrow.

When possible, I have been getting work done. Due to the weather today, more work was done than not. Adam keeps piling it on, but that’s fine. Of course, I have to fit in work between writing this blog. 🙂


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