Life marches on in Montpellier

I wrote a post Monday night, but it didn’t show up here in my blog. Today is Wednesday. I wrote the post on Deb’s computer since we were sharing a power cord and I was out of battery juice. Tuesday and Wednesday breakfast were much the same as described earlier. I am enjoying the savory breakfast (I usually tend toward sweeter breakfast foods at home).

Yesterday, we went to the Languedoc history museum. It was very illuminating — this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and they have artifacts dating back that far, including things from Greek and Roman times, and from 12th and 13th century, as well as the more “recent” 18th century period. I am always amazed by the sophistication of carving skill and textile skill of artisans from thousands of years ago. Not only could they engineer solid buildings, but they took the time to embellish them with architectural and artistic details that were very fine by any standard. Unfortunately, photos were prohibited.

Tuesday ended with a mad search for the necessary electric bits and pieces so we could have both our computers plugged in to power at the same time. We only have one power outlet in this room, so we needed a european power strip. Luckily the grocery store in the Polygone mall had power strips on sale for € 6.00. However we only had one Apple power plug for continental Europe, and we needed one for each computer. We were able to find such a connector at FNAC by buying an european iPod USB power adapter which included a power supply with USB output as well as the Apple-standard plug/socket adapter that we needed. With that purchase we were able to both get online at the same time.

One comment is with Orange and other paid Wi-Fi services. This happened to both Deb and I, so it’s not a one-time fluke. When you give your credit card details it tells you it’s e-mailing your login information to you, but you never get the online access you need to *get* that e-mail. Without the login ID and password you can’t log in…catch-22! Luckily I was able to log in to Deb’s Yahoo account but it took over an hour for the e-mail confirming the Wi-Fi purchase to arrive. In my case, when I had bought the service, I had to buy a 2-hour package so I could get the e-mail they sent me after I had bought the 7-day package. I took a screen shot of the login details that go by so quickly when you are signing up (the first time you go through, you don’t think you will need to record them…you presume that you will just simply be granted access at the end of the payment process, and that you will then be able to get your e-mail to have a record of the details. Seems like a scam to me, although it’s entirely possible that this has something to do with the fact that they claim to only support Windows PCs (maybe they install an ActiveX component of some kind that helps you manage your Wi-Fi connection and they can’t do that on the Mac…who knows?). Anyway, now Deb and I both have power to our laptops as well as wireless Internet access.


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