Fred the Cat

Fred the Cat on our landing

It seems like a long time ago, but a while back we had some new neighbors move in downstairs. After they had moved in, a cat started hanging out near our door and Deb would pet it occasionally. Even I would (I am allergic to cats). Fred would always try to get in our house but we would never let him, but after a year, probably, he finally wore us down and we let him in to the house. This is primarily because the people are moving at the end of October 2006 and then we won’t see Fred anymore. That makes us sad, since this is a very friendly cat and in fact he is very dog-like (he will roll over on his back and generally likes a lot more attention than other cats I have known).

It’s funny that this cat’s name is Fred. Deb’s parents dog is Freddie. Once he’s gone, we’ll miss him a lot. We hope maybe his current owners will leave him with us, but I am not holding my breath.


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